Rocking X Ranch

Wilder Idaho


                                                                                       February 5, 2018

                                                 Born in Quinlan, Texas (on the Skidboot Ranch)

                                 Lexie, is the Great, Great Niece of the World's Smartest Dog, Skidboot.

                                                                           (Lexie and Skidder are full sisters)

2018 feb 5 tailgate and pups 12018 feb 5 tailgate and pups Tailgate is a Great Niece of Skidboot and Max is blue heeler natural half tail 2018 feb 172018 feb 19 two weeks old

Lexie is the daughter of Tailgate and Max.

          (Tailgate on left, Max on right) 

Left Tailgate Mom Dad Max

Tailgate's parents are Dually and Tiedown. Dually is a Nephew to Skidboot.

Dually son of Skidboots half sister Lariat Tiedown Tailgate s Mom

                   Dually                                       Tiedown

                                                                                                    Lexie lives in Quinlan, Texas with David Hartwig.




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