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We are breeding to keep the Legacy of "Skidboot" alive. Please check out Skidboot on my main menu page. Also, join us on Face Book at "The Skidboot Legacy".

 Contact me with questions or to get your own piece of the "Skidboot Legacy". Will be breeding Skidder her next heat.

Introducing our girl "Skidder".   skidder  

Skidder is the direct descndant of Skidboot. She is Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) they are a true Australian dog with a very colorful breed history. Their ancestors include Smithfield cattle dogs, Australian Dingoes, Collies and even Dalmations. Skidder has a Stumpy tail (natural half tail).

Some information on the Smithfield Cattle Dog.

The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog originated from Australia. It is a descendent of the Dingo, which was crossed with a long dense-coated, black and white bob-tailed dog (Smithfield). The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed began evolving in the early 1830's because of the need for a dog that could work cattle in Australia's very harsh environment. The breed that we see today is the result of many years of careful thought and selective breeding by dedicated people.


Introducing our boy "Drago".   drago 

Drago is Australian Shepherd / Red Heeler.

To understand this breed's history, we need to first lok at both parent breeds. 

The Australian Shepherd (Aussie) descended from Pyrenean Shepherds who were brought to Australia from Europe. The Pyrenean Shepherds are enthusiastic, mischievous, and ship smart. Whilst in Australia these Shepherds were Crossbred with Collies. This Pyrenean and Collie mix was introduced to the US in the early 20th century. Modern day Australian Shepherds descended from these dogs and the breed was officially recognized in 1993. The Australian Shepherd / Blue or Red Heeler comes from th ranches of Texas which is why they were given the nickname Texas Heeler.

The best of both breeds Australian and American.

Starting the list for potential new families. Once you have one you'll realize why we are trying to keep this blood line going.

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