Where Skidboot started and his Legacy began!

Blue belle skidboots mom

This is Bluebelle---Skidboot's Mom. Skidboot watching his Mom with pups.

skidboot a 4

David Hartwig and Skidboot. The worlds Smartest Dog.

Larite skidboots half sister and her pupsThis is Lariat----Skidboot's half-sister and her pups. 

                                 Dually son of Skidboots half sister Lariat skidboots nephew                        tiedown and david tailgates mom

                                This is Dually ( Lariat's Son, Skidboots nephew.)                          Tiedown and David Hartwig.  (Tiedown is Dually's wife)

                             tailgate mom of skidder and nash                     Max 2018 Amy Stewart 3

                                 This is Tailgate (daughter of Dually and Tiedown)                                 Max  (Tailgate's husband)

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                                 This is Skidder daughter of Tiedown and Max.                                   This is Nash, Skidders full brother.

                               The Legacy continues.  Skidder's husband is Drago.                          Nash's wife is CeeCee.

                                 2020 june 9 drago 1                                             on top right side

                               2020 june 9 boots 4  2022 july 18 11 2023 Hi Call 

                                This is Boots (Son of Drago and Skidder).                      Latigo                                                Hi Call

                                                                                                                                 (Daughter and Son of Nash and CeeCee.

On my home page please check out the Legend and the photos of Skidboot. Many youtube videos of him. The Smartest Dog in the World.

I have the honor of living with  Skidder, Drago, Boots and Latigo. They are amazing. So smart. Latigo is only a year old.                                                  

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